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Write Your Vision® Masterclass.

Learn everything you need to know to write, edit, self-publish and market your book.

"The greatest story to ever be written will be the one written about you!"
~Angie B. | Founder & CEO

A virtual, 6-week writing masterclass that helps you write content that can be used to create multiple streams of income for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching!  

You've always dreamed of sharing your story & know that...

Your story is as unique as you are, but you're wondering where to start?

You're ready to discover and develop essential skills to write compelling content.

It's time to create new techniques that stretch your creative voice.

You don't want to do this alone - you want feedback from a community that shares your goals.

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A Woman Writing by the Window


Discover your unique voice and transform your life experiences into powerful stories.

Let's write your success story.
Here is how we help you write a winning story.



01. Write Like an Editor

Organize your ideas into a structured and organized manuscript and learn to write like an editor.   Shape and develop your manuscript in a way that eases the editing process and your path to self-publishing.  

02. Author Branding

Learn engaging marketing strategies that captivate your audience before your book is published.  Create an action plan for building anticipation as you create a compelling story.  

03.  Self Publishing

Discover everything you need to know to become a self-published author.  Hear more about the benefits of self-publishing and learn how to pitch your story for greater impact.  

Working at a Cafe

trust us, we know you're ready!

and we're with you all the way

Our team's dedication to helping you create a story that resonates with your audience for generations to come is unrivaled!


Gives you a solid plan that helps you to build your brand for longevity

Helps you discover your voice and create content with more ease

Details how to create multiple streams of income 

Shows you how to attract your true & ideal audience consistently

New Books

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."


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