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Write-ish Workshops + Retreats

High-Touch, High-Impact Workshops, 1:1 Coaching & Retreats For Authors Ready to Self-Publish & Market Their Story!

"The greatest story to ever be written will be the one written about you!"
~Angie | Founder & CEO

Through our comprehensive, cohort-style workshops, 1:1 coaching and retreats, we support your goal of writing, self-publishing and marketing your story. 

If you need help with placing the finishing touches on your manuscript and packing it into a marketable book, here is how we can support you:

12-Week Workshop

We take it step-by-step in a cohort-style coaching program that prepares you to share your story with a larger audience!

This option is best for:  aspiring or new authors who need access to a network of published authors, editors, and branding experts.

Writing Retreat

Coming Soon!

Our luxurious writing retreat allows you to fast-track your book writing strategy.  Throughout the retreat, you will enjoy interactive workshops and breakout sessions, as well as the opportunity to connect with branding experts.

This option is best for:  aspiring and new authors who want an in-person connection and direct feedback from industry professionals.  Not to mention, the chance to relax and truly enjoy the process! 

The Write CEO

1:1 Coaching: Create A Sustainable Author Brand

Our 1:1 coaching and strategy sessions give you a concierge experience with our CEO, Angie.  As your manuscript is prepared for editing, self-publishing and marketing, learn which strategies will work best for you to use your published content to create multiple streams of income.

This option is best for:  authors with a completed manuscript and the desire to work with our CEO to implement a strategy that is designed during the tailored coaching sessions.

The Write CEO


MANUSCRIPT DEVELOPMENT:  Discover your unique voice and transform it into powerful stories that expand your reach and/or build your credibility.

Let's write your success story.
Here is how we help you write a winning brand story.

The 12-Week Workshop Includes:

01. Write Your VISION

We will organize your ideas into a structured and organized writing strategy.   

Manuscript Development Strategies | Cover Design

02. Write Like An Editor

Learn how to edit your work from professional editors.

 An important part of the writing process is editing.  We make sure your manuscript is properly edited and ready for self publishing.

Line Editing | Book Formatting | Proofreading + more 

03.  Write-ish Branding & Marketing

Let's take control of the narrative and ensure that your brand is well-represented and featured in a positive light across all online and print publications.

Marketing Strategy | Social Media Strategy | Speaker Training | Copywriting

Throughout the coaching program, you will also get:

- A Detailed Curriculum
- 3 Private 1:1 Calls with Our CEO
- Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
- Daily Support Via a Private Facebook Community
- Plug-and Play Templates
- Valuable Resources
- Q&A Sessions with Industry Experts

The Write CEO

trust us, we know you're ready!

and we're with you all the way

Our team's dedication to helping you self-publish and market your story with your target audience for generations to come is unrivaled!


Give you a solid plan that helps you to build your author brand for longevity

Help you discover your voice and write content with more ease

Detail how to find the right platform to share your story

Show you how to attract your ideal audience consistently

The Write CEO

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."


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