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Hey there, I'm Angie!

The Facts:

  • Woman of Faith.

  • Award-Winning Entrepreneur.

  • Celebrity Ghostwriter.

  • CEO of two global companies - The Write CEO & Zennovative Recruiting

  • Co-Founder:  Leading Ladies Collective

  • Business partner for a global initiative in the US & Africa.

  • Communications Director for Madam MacDella Cooper's 2023 Liberian Presidential campaign.

The Passion:

I am passionate about expanding representation and cultural awareness through storytelling.  I'm thankful to have the opportunity to help you tell your story and impact the world around us.

I share all of my experience building global brands and creating amazing communication strategies for the world's leaders to my team.  They, in turn, bring you services that empower and elevate you.

Our signature services perfectly pair two of my interests - writing and culture.  I'm thankful to have an amazing team that takes on each project with the creativity and dedication it takes to build a legacy story - for yourself and for your brand.

I have many roles, with one purpose - to empower you!

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Writing. Creativity. Culture.

Through our writing, self-publishing, and author development coaching services, we are on a mission to help clients from all cultural backgrounds communicate their vision to the world with authenticity and confidence.

Our team is comprised of a global, multicultural team of journalists, writers, and visionaries that empower you with communication strategies that make an impact.

Meet the team

My Commitment:
Giving You The Strategy Your Brand Needs

Compelling content and communication strategies that strengthens your voice and your brand.


01. Daily Routine

  • Everyday starts with prayer.  Prayer is followed by a morning check in and talk with my three heartbeats and, of course, my mama and daddy.  Sometimes, my grandma gets a phone call too! :)

  • Next , it's time to WORK!

  • I end my day with reflection and prayer.

02. Ideal Vacation

  • You can find me in the Caribbean or Brussels on any given day or weekend of relaxation.  I tend to take spur of the moment trips a lot - I wake up at home and end the day in a land far from home!

02.  Secret pleasure

  • Cartoons!

  • I love Bob's Burgers ... almost as much as I love a day long marathon of The Golden Girls.  I also LOVE museums; I visit one on just about every vacation.

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Ready to
Write Your Vision® ?

We offer a variety of writing services that will allow you to achieve your individual and professional goals.

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